Qure optimized performance of key business transactions at Retalix

Retalix (RTLX on NASDAQ) is a global provider of integrated software solutions for the food, fuel, and consumer goods retail and distribution industries. With an installed base in over 50 countries, Retalix solutions are installed in supermarkets, groceries, convenience stores, and fuel stations, as well as foodservice, grocery, convenience products, and fast moving consumer goods distribution organizations around the world.

Qure's analysis process at Retalix was not induced by a specific performance problem, but rather as part of an ongoing effort to maintain database and applications performance. "We work to maintain our clients' database performance in order to preserve our applications' high level of service and data availability, thus preventing serious performance problems", says Shmuel Witman, VP of Development at Retalix. He elaborates that "We work to maintain database performance while continuously adding new features and business models to our applications. These additions can potentially degrade performance on top of the increase in data and user volumes. Therefore, we perform ongoing database optimization processes to counteract these potentially harming effects."

Mr. Witman specifies that "When talking about performance, we focus on business transactions end-to-end. This is the way we have measured the performance gain after implementing Qure's recommendation. We didn't look at the database tier only, but measured a transaction across all tiers of the application."

Qure optimized the performance of Retalix's Grocery product line and generated a hundreds of performance optimization recommendations. Retalix implemented the recommendations that were the easiest and fastest to implement. Accordingly, Retalix concentrated on a subset of application's key business transactions and implemented recommendations only within the database itself without making changes to other application tiers.

Mr. Witman concludes by saying that "Qure could considerably assist DBAs, during both the maintenance and the development phases of the application's life. Qure's benefits would be even more substantial for applications where a DBA was not an integral part of the development process." The results of the optimization process are displayed in the graph on the top-right corner of this page.

The subset of Qure recommendations that were implemented by Retalix is deployed as part of the next version of StoreLine.net on sites of many Retalix clients.

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