SuperDerivatives Uses Qure Proactively

SuperDerivatives is a leading provider of multi-asset derivatives pricing, revaluation and management tools worldwide. SuperDerivatives combines pricing for a wide range of instruments and underlying assets with front office and risk management tools, delivered over the web. The company has dozens of SQL Server databases providing service to thousands of customers in over 60 countries, including Deloitte & Touche, Standard & Poor's, The Wallis Group and more.

SuperDerivatives used Qure to optimize its SQL Server databases. The incentive for using Qure on SuperDerivatives' databases was to maintain the performance of the databases and applications in the organization's production environment. "We constantly work to maintain high levels of database availability and performance in the company's production environment. The user experience and our customers' satisfaction are critical business targets for our company. Our experience shows that improving database performance, thus preventing the expected decrease in performance caused by the increasing volumes of data and users, is the most effective factor in optimizing overall application performance. In my mind, this is a major part of a DBA's job and we aspire to do that as best as we can," says Mr. Yaniv Etrogi, Production Environment Manager, SuperDerivatives.

Mr. Etrogi notes "as part of my responsibilities at SuperDerivatives I found Qure interesting and decided to test it. I used Qure to analyze over 20 different databases and the results exceeded my expectations as a database administrator (DBA) familiar with other tools on the market, and specifically as a DBA intent on database performance optimization."

On one occasion, SuperDerivatives performed two Qure analyses on their large and complex foreign exchange database during the last year. Mr. Etrogi explains "Databases are dynamic and ever-changing. Therefore, new performance issues arise over time due to increased volume of data and users. As a result, we can benefit from using Qure to analyze the same database every couple of months and address the new performance issues, thus maintaining a high level of performance and availability."

Recommendations from the first analysis were implemented on SuperDerivatives' production environment and provided over 50% improvement across all measures (Duration, CPU and I/O). A second analysis was executed several months later on the same database, which contained the implemented recommendations from the first analysis. The performance improvement results across the improved batches sorted by duration were VERY positive and reflected the effectiveness of Qure capabilities:

  • Batches duration improved by 48%
  • Physical reads improved by 17%
  • Logical reads improved by 98%, from 167.94 million to only 3.11 million reads!

"The time Qure has saved us is beyond quantification - I don't know any DBA capable of sitting for weeks analyzing traces, then processing and analyzing the results. This work capacity cannot be performed by a person and only systematic and automated software can perform such a task." - Mr. Yaniv Etrogi, Production environment manager, SuperDerivatives.

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