DBSophic's workload tuning solution for SQL Server based applications is deployed at BMW

JERUSALEM, Israel, May 5, 2011 -- DBSophic, an innovative provider of performance management products for database-centric applications, announced the deployment of its Qure Optimizer solution at the BMW Group (XETRA:BMW.DE). Qure Optimizer is the first product to implement workload tuning, a new approach to database performance optimization. Unlike traditional query-by-query tuning techniques, workload tuning optimizes the entire database workload automatically.

Over the past few years, the SQL Server database platform has become increasingly mission-critical at BMW. The company's custom-built identity management system (IdAS) is just one of several key applications running on SQL Server. Serving over 200,000 IT users, the system manages accounts, roles and access rights across the organization.

Qure Optimizer was adopted as the BMW Group's tuning solution for SQL Server based applications. As part of the initial deployment, the solution was used to address performance issues on the important IdAS application. The automated workload tuning session run by Qure Optimizer generated a wealth of specific recommendations to significantly improve performance.

A free trial version of Qure Optimizer, as well as a white paper about workload tuning, may be downloaded from the DBSophic website.

About DBSophic

DBSophic is an innovative provider of performance management products for database-centric applications. While traditional tools focus on optimizing individual queries, DBSophic delivers automatic workload tuning. By optimizing the entire application-to-database workload, DBSophic's solutions help enterprises achieve unparalleled gains in application performance. The company is headquartered in Jerusalem.

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