New SQL Server tuning paradigm to be presented by DBSophic’s CTO at leading database industry event

Jerusalem, Israel, January 30 -- DBSophic, an innovative provider of performance management products for SQL Server based applications, announced that Ami Levin, the company’s CTO and a SQL Server MVP, will speak at Database Month. Database Month is a free conference featuring two weeks of database-related events, both at venues around New York City and broadcasted live online. Levin's talk will be held online today, Monday January 30th, at 11am EST.

Levin’s talk, titled “Workload Tuning for SQL Server”, will present a new approach to SQL Server tuning. Unlike standard methods that focus on tuning of individual SQL queries, workload tuning allows the DBA to optimize an entire workload automatically. The workload may consist of hundreds-of-thousands, or even millions, of queries. The results of such an optimization include specific recommendations for enhancing the indexing scheme, rewrites of problematic SQL syntax, tweaks to the schema and much more.

The talk will be presented online, free-of-charge. Further information and online registration are available at http://www.DatabaseMonth.com.


About DBSophic

DBSophic is an innovative provider of performance management products for SQL Server based applications. While traditional SQL Server tuning tools focus on individual query optimization, DBSophic delivers automatic workload tuning. By optimizing the entire application-to-database workload, DBSophic's solutions help companies achieve unparalleled gains in SQL Server performance for their enterprise applications. The company is headquartered in Jerusalem.