SQLBits X conference, the official Microsoft SQL Server 2012 launch event in the UK, to feature talk by SQL Server performance expert Ami Levin

Jerusalem, Israel, March 27 2012 – DBSophic, an innovative provider of SQL Server performance management products, announced that Ami Levin, the company’s CTO and a SQL Server MVP, will be featured at the upcoming SQLBits X conference. SQLBits is the largest Microsoft SQL Server related conference in the UK. This year, SQLBits X is the UK’s official SQL Server 2012 technical launch event. SQLBits X will take place in London between March 29th and 31st, and will include a free community day on Saturday.

In his talk, titled "A heap of clusters", Levin will examine a common myth that SQL Server tables should always have clustered indexes and that heaps should not be used. Levin will discuss when and why it is advisable to use heaps and clusters, taking into account many aspects of SQL Server performance and maintenance.


About DBSophic

DBSophic is an innovative provider of performance management products for SQL Server based applications. While traditional SQL Server tuning tools focus on individual query optimization, DBSophic delivers automatic workload tuning. By optimizing the entire application-to-database workload, DBSophic's solutions help companies achieve unparalleled gains in SQL Server performance for their enterprise applications. The company is headquartered in Jerusalem.