Workload tuning is just what it sounds like: tuning all processes that comprise a database workload in one go, balancing the effect of the tuning across all processes. The number of tuned queries or processes may be one thousand or one hundred million. Until recently, this was not possible. Now it is.

The workload tuning system has already been used to optimize over 200 production database workloads worldwide. It has achieved an average workload-wide performance improvement of over 60%, including databases that had already been finely tuned using standard tuning techniques and tools. Moreover, the precise size of the improvement on any organization’s workload can be accurately predicted in advance of the changes being migrated to production.

This is possible because workload tuning provides highly accurate before-and-after benchmark measurements for each and every process in a controlled, non-production environment.

This paper will describe how workload tuning works in detail, based on Qure Optimizer, the first commercially available workload tuning tool. This paper will also compare workload tuning to the traditional query-by-query tuning method.

To learn more about workload tuning, please refer to the whitepapers page.


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