The demo kit allows you to fully experience the benefits of workload tuning in the familiar 'AdventureWorks' environment. You will need to download and install Qure Optimizer, the first workload tuning tool.

The demo kit can be used either to perform a trial analysis or to open an existing full analysis.

To perform a trial analysis you will need the following resources:

  • The 'AdventureWorks' sample database.
  • A trace file containing a simulated workload for the 'AdventureWorks' database. The trace file can be found here.

Please refer to the Qure Optimizer Quick Start Guide for more information on how to start using the Optimizer.

Opening a pre-generated full Qure Optimizer analysis will enable you to view the full analysis results, based on the above workload, without actually performing the analysis. The analysis file can be downloaded here.

Please refer to the Qure Optimizer page for more Qure Optimizer information and resources.