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SQL Server 2012 Availability Enhancements Part II

Posted by Ami Levin on Sunday, 06 November 2011 

In a previous post, I’ve presented the enhancements to failover cluster instances. In the mean time, Microsoft announced some radical changes to it’s licensing and editions scheme. In SQL Server 2012, the standard and BI editions will support basic failover clustering of up to 2 nodes.

AlwaysOn Availability Groups

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SQL Server 2012 Availability Enhancements Part I

Posted by Ami Levin on Monday, 31 October 2011

Availability is one of the areas where Microsoft have felt a bit behind the competition. In this release, huge amounts of resources have been spent to catch up.

Although i’m about sum it up in 3 short paragraphs, don’t let that fool you. These are major revisions to the product and are of the highest importance. If you ever needed one of those, you’ll know it.

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