Qure Analyzer v1.5 offers many new advantages, including:

  • Full SQL Server 2012 support.
    • Allows analysis of SQL Server 2012 workloads.
    • Allows use of SQL Server 2012 databases as the workload analysis repository.
  • Improved performance of workload analysis phase.
  • Ability to handle very large workloads.
  • Significantly reduced memory consumption.
  • For SQL Sentry users, support for analyzing workloads from the SQL Sentry Performance Advisor repository.
  • Default trace template provided as part of the installation for all SQL Server versions.
  • New workload analysis management feature for database repositories provides the option to delete a workload analysis or add traces to an existing workload.
  • New “Custom Settings” feature allows you to save your current grouping and sorting for quick load later.
  • Resource filters now support fine grained value settings in addition to the graphical sliders.
  • Comparison filters allow “locking” of baseline and evaluated workloads for easy setting of multiple filters.
  • Opening of the same workload twice for filtered comparisons is now supported.
  • Many bug fixes, including:
    • Free text batch template filter not filtering correctly.
    • Excessive memory usage may cause workload analysis cutoff.
    • Wrong naming of trace event classes.
    • Comparison of workloads opened using different aliases is not allowed.