Jerusalem, Israel, November 14, 2007 -- DBSophic, which develops innovative software solutions for database performance optimization, successfully completed its first round of financing, raising $1.2 million. The money raised will be used by the company for the completion of software development and for international marketing activities.

The private placement was led by Van Leer Ventures Jerusalem, the early stage investment arm of international investment firm Docor International BV. Other investors include Shaked Ventures, which specializes in early stage investments in IT, communication, software, medical devices, clean-tech and media together with the office of the Chief Scientist within Israel's Ministry of Industry Trade and Employment.

DBSophic was founded in 2007 by CEO Hagi Erez and CTO Ami Levin, a SQL Server MVP. The company headquarters and R&D are located in the High-Tech Village - Givat Ram, Jerusalem, Israel.

DBSophic's software solution provides organizations with a rapid return on investment, resulting from reduced staff time spent on addressing database performance problems. It reduces the DBA's time spent looking for the causes of performance problems and help organizations to continuously improve their databases' performance.

"DBSophic's technology, whose efficiency was proven at several Israeli clients, contributes to a significant performance improvement and can save organizations tens of thousands of dollars in the short term and hundreds of thousands in the long run," said Oren Gershtein, Van Leer Ventures CEO.

"The potential of the market, in which DBShopic is active, is estimated at more than $1 billion," added Eyal Shaked, founder of Shaked Ventures. "We believe the company has a good chance to become a much bigger player in this market in coming years."