DBSophic is an innovative provider of SQL Server tuning solutions for improving application and database performance.

SQL Server Tuning: A New Approach

Traditional SQL Server tuning products focus on individual query tuning. DBSophic complements these solutions with a new approach to SQL Server tuning. With DBSophic’s workload tuning solution – Qure Optimizer – DBAs can automatically optimize an entire workload consisting of millions of queries.

Qure Optimizer provides detailed recommendations for improving SQL Server performance, complete with executable scripts for applying the performance recommendations to production. With Qure Optimizer, SQL Server tuning will never be the same!


SQL Server Tuning and Performance Benchmarks

One of the greatest challenges of SQL Server tuning is predicting the effects of a tuning effort before applying it to production. Qure Optimizer answers this challenge by providing actual performance benchmarks for all of its SQL Server tuning recommendations.

Best of all, the benchmarks reveal the performance effects of the tuning recommendations not just on individual queries, but on the entire workload.


Smart Index Recommendations, SQL Rewrites and Much More

Qure Optimizer’s recommendations includes new indexes, changes to existing indexes, rewrites of SQL syntax, tweaks to the schema and much more. Thanks to its sophisticated indexing algorithm, Qure Optimizer helps you avoid over-indexing by enhancing your existing indexes, as well as by recommending new indexes when necessary.

If your SQL Server queries and stored procedures are inefficiently written, Qure Optimizer can help improve performance by providing specific rewrites of the problematic SQL code. Dozens of common SQL syntax issues are addressed, complete with detailed explanations, to take SQL Server tuning to a whole new level.


Easy to use and install

Tune 100,000 queries

Unlimited trial period


Leading Companies Worldwide Trust Qure Optimizer for SQL Server Tuning