Jerusalem, Israel, July 29, 2009 -- DBSophic, a developer of innovative software solutions for database performance optimization, today announced the launch of its new Trace Profiler tool for Microsoft SQL Server. 

This innovative Trace Profiler tool, which can be downloaded from the company's web site, free of charge, allows users to instantly find out what is slowing down their databases by enabling them to easily pinpoint which batches or specific parameter value sets consume the most resources.

DBSophic's Trace Profiler helps database administrators (DBAs) quickly analyze trace events, stored in multiple trace files and trace tables. Within a few minutes, the user views all the trace events analyzed, de-parameterized, grouped and clearly arranged in a tree format and ordered by their resource consumption. The results display the total resource consumption and enable the user to drill down to specific parameter value sets.

"The new product is aimed at assisting DBA professionals in analyzing database transactions in order to help them better monitor and improve the performance of their applications," said Hagi Erez, CEO of DBSophic. "The Trace Profiler tool can save them a lot of time and effort, while being completely free of charge. DBSophic is committed to contribute to the IT community."

"The Trace Profiler eliminates the need to read hundreds of thousands of trace file events, thus saving time and resources," explained DBSophic CTO Ami Levin. "Moreover, it allows users to determine immediately which batches are overloading their servers, and provides an overall yet detailed view providing IT managers with the opportunity to see the whole picture."