New demo kit showcases workload tuning with DBSophic's Qure on the familiar Microsoft AdventureWorks database

JERUSALEM, Oct. 13, 2010 -- DBSophic, an innovative provider of performance management products for database-centric applications, has released a new demo kit based on the Microsoft "AdventureWorks" sample database. AdventureWorks is a sample database provided by Microsoft's open source project (codeplex) and is used by SQL Server administrators and developers worldwide. The new demo kit will help DBAs understand and experience the benefits of workload tuning in a familiar database environment.

Workload tuning is a new approach to database performance optimization recently introduced by DBSophic in the company's "Qure for SQL Server" product. Unlike traditional query-by-query tuning techniques, workload tuning optimizes the entire database workload automatically. More details about workload tuning can be found in a whitepaper by SQL Server MVP Ami Levin.

SQL Server MVP Frank Kalis recently reviewed Qure and workload tuning using the demo kit and the AdventureWorks database. While the trial version of Qure may be run against any database, Kalis notes the advantage of using the AdventureWorks database as the basis for such an objective, 3rd-party study: "The reason for this is simple: The results and Qure's recommendations in this review will either be identical or quite close to the ones that you will get when you run the sample analysis against your copy of AdventureWorks."

The Qure demo kit is available for free download from the DBSophic website.