inTune • ISSUE 04 | December 2011

inTune • ISSUE 04 | December 2011

Season's Greetings!

Dear Friends,

With the holidays and the new year upon us, we wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all: the people who visited us at PASS Summit this year, the members of the SQL Server community and of course our customers and partners.

We wish you and your families happy holidays and all the best for 2012!

Qure Profiler Review by SQL Server MVP Frank Kalis

The review was published on www.sql-server-performance.com. A German version of the review can be found on Frank Kalis's website.

Imagine you are new to a SQL Server environment and are given the task to analyse it for overall performance. Or that you are a DBA that needs to provide hard facts to management what increase in performance to expect from a move to different hardware, or from the move to a different version of software. Where would you start? What would be the first steps? And how long would they take you? How much resources would, or could you allocate to such tasks? What would you say when there is a tool that could give you meaningful answers to those questions within a few minutes? Read more >>

Featured Article: Physical Join Operators in SQL Server - Hash Operator

By SQL Server MVP Ami Levin

In the second part of this series on physical join operators we looked at the Merge Operator. In the final part of the series we turn our attention to the Hash operator.

For this article series I am using an analogy of two sets of standard playing cards. One set with a blue back and another with a red back that need to be 'joined' together according to various join conditions. The two sets of cards simply represent the rows from the two joined tables, the red input and the blue input - "Now Neo - which input do you choose"?

News: MVP Deep Dives Volume 2 Chapters Available for Download

The second installment in the MVP Deep Dives series has been published. This volume features some well known authors from the SQL Server world including Grant Fritchey, Gail Shaw, Aaron Bertrand, Denny Cherry, Brad M. McGehee our CTO Ami Levin and many more.

For more information, and to find chapters that are available for free download, visit the book's website here.