inTune • ISSUE 06 | June 2012

inTune • ISSUE 06 | June 2012


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Tip: The (D)Butterfly Effect

By SQL Server MVP Ami Levin

How many times have you made a small change to a certain aspect of the database (schema, code, indexing, etc.) and prayed that it wouldn't have any unexpected on your workload? In a recent article 'The Hidden Menace of CREATE INDEX', I discussed one potential aspect of this issue, the unexpected and hard-to-predict impact of adding indexes.

In this article I will discuss the 'Database Operations' feature of Qure Optimizer. This sometimes-overlooked feature can be a great help in predicting the potential scope-of-effect for any recommended change you are about to apply to the database. This will help you avoid the potentially devastating 'butterfly effect', where even a small (but not carefully considered) change can have unfortunate consequences. Read more >>

Qure Profiler v1.5 Beta is Now Available

About a year ago, we launched Qure Profiler v1.0. During this year, we had thousands of downloads and a lot of great feedback from the community. Your feedback and bug reports kept us busy improving, fixing and enhancing Qure Profiler to be the best workload analysis tool on the SQL Server market.

We are proud to announce that the new beta version contains many new features including full SQL Server 2012 support, improved management of analyzed workloads, the ability to handle very large workloads and much more.

New Video Showcases Workload Tuning Using Qure Optimizer

In this short video, MVP Ami Levin explains how workload tuning is used to optimize millions of queries automatically. Ami first reviews the standard query-by-query tuning approach, highlighting the associated challenges and clarifying how workload tuning can be used to address these issues. Then, using Qure Optimizer, Ami proceeds to tune an actual production workload. Ami shows a sample of the performance recommendations generated and reviews before-and-after benchmarks of the performance gains achieved. Watch Video >>

Featured Partner: SQL Sentry

In this issue, we are pleased to provide you with a special offer from our partner SQL Sentry. As many of you know, SQL Sentry is a developer of award-winning software tools for managing and monitoring SQL Server. DBSophic's Qure Special Edition integrates with SQL Sentry's Performance Advisor to provide a complete monitoring and tuning solution.

To experience the power of the SQL Sentry solutions, we recommend the free trial version. Download using this special link to receive an extended 45-day, full-functionality trial (instead of the standard 15 days). To learn more about the integration between DBSophic and SQL Sentry products, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..