inTune • ISSUE 08 | October 2012

inTune • ISSUE 08 | October 2012


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What are SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) and Who Needs Them?

By SQL Server MVP Ami Levin

ERDI've recently encountered some confusion regarding one of the new components of SQL Server 2012, the SQL Server Data Tools AKA SSDT. From the questions in the MSDN SQL Server forum which I moderate, I realized that the distinction between SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) and SSDT is not clear enough to many. I have to agree that Microsoft did leave some space for confusion and a lot of duplicate functionality in both tools so let's try to clear up a bit of this confusion.

Before SQL Server 2012, the only management / development tool that shipped with SQL Server as part of the installation was SSMS. SSMS actually serves 2 main purposes - Management and development. You can manage all your SQL Server instances using graphical tools, wizards and using T-SQL. SSMS also included the visual schema designers (A separate blog topic...), Query designers, scripting features and many others that are used by both DBAs and developers. Read More >>

Qure Profiler Nominated for Best Free Tool

For the second year in a row, Qure Profiler has been nominated for the SQL Server Pro Community Choice Awards, under the "Best Free Tool" category.

The results of the Community Choice Awards will be published in December. We'd like to thank all of you who voted - we appreciate your support!

For those who missed it, a new version of Qure Profiler was released in July. To download the latest version visit www.dbsophic.com

New Version of Qure Optimizer Released

We are proud to announce that Qure Optimizer version 2.5 has been released. The release delivers many new features and improvements. These include full SQL Server 2012 support, ability to optimize up to 10 databases in a single optimization process, many new tuning recommendations such as table variable rewrites and temporary table indexing, built-in integration with SQL Sentry and much more.

To download the new version (free as always), please visit the Qure Profiler download page.

A Thousand DBAs Have Already Watched This - Have You?

A 2-minute video about workload tuning with Qure Optimizer - sure to make you smile!

Download your FREE trial of Qure Optimizer!

Article: SQL Server Optimizer - Under the Hood: Partial Aggregates

By Ami Levin, SQL Server MVP

In this series of short articles, we lift the hood of the SQL Server Optimizer to examine a few of the many clever tricks used to optimize query performance. You'll see that the Optimizer does not limit itself to using only the instructions provided by the written query syntax, but can correctly deduce a more efficient approach from information it gleans from the schema, the query and data statistical information.

In Part I, we look at partial aggregate operators - an extremely clever way of downsizing certain large joins into much smaller (and faster) joins. Read More >>