inTune • ISSUE 02 | APRIL 2011

inTune • ISSUE 02 | APRIL 2011

Featured Article: Physical Join Operators in SQL Server - Nested Loops

By SQL Server MVP Ami Levin

SQL Server implements three different physical operators to perform joins. In this article series we will examine how each operators works, its advantages and challenges. We will try to understand the logic behind the optimizer's decisions on which operator to use for various joins using (semi) real life examples and how to avoid common pitfalls.

I'm sure you are all very familiar with T-SQL joins so I'll skip the introductory part this time. For this article, I'll focus on the most common type of join, the 'E-I-J' (or 'Equi-Inner-Join') which is just a cool sounding name for an inner join that uses only equality predicates for the join conditions. With sadness, I will skip some extremely interesting issues concerning joins such as logical processing order of outer joins, NULL value issues, join parallelism and others. This article focuses on helping you make your E-I-J joins faster.. Read more >>

Tip: Comparing Database Workloads with "Qure Workload Profiler"

By SQL Server MVP Ami Levin

After Qure Workload Profiler's sister product, Qure Workload Optimizer, had been on the market for a while, some of its customers came to us asking for a way to compare workloads running in production.. Read more>>

Customer Case-study: SUPER RTL Boosts Application Performance Using Qure for SQL Server

RTL results graphSUPER RTL, the leading children's TV channel in Germany, uses DBSophic's Qure to tune the performance of its main document management application. Using Qure, the DBA team ran an automated workload tuning session to optimize over 150,000 processes, representing five days of typical activity. This generated a wealth of specific recommendations for enhancing performance, including many new or modified indexes. Applying Qure's recommendations resulted in a ten-fold performance improvement to the ten most resource-consuming processes (see graph on the right). Read More>>

Partner News: DBSophic and SQL Sentry Create Complete Monitoring and Tuning Solution

DBSophic and SQL Sentry announced a new product bundle to help SQL Server DBAs monitor, manage, troubleshoot and tune database server performance. The "Power Suite + Qure Quick Start Pack" will contain licenses to monitor five instances of SQL Server with SQL Sentry Power Suite and perform five in-depth performance optimizations using a special edition of Qure. Together, DBSophic and SQL Sentry provide DBAs with a complete monitoring and tuning solution for SQL Server. Read More>>

Partner News: DBSophic Appoints Confor Srl. as Reseller in Italy

Established Italian technology firm to sell and support DBSophic's performance solutions for Microsoft SQL Server. Read More>>