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 Posted by Ami Levin on Tuesday, 15 May 2012

About a year ago, we launched Qure Analyzer V1.0 (previously called Qure Workload Analyzer). Since then, we had thousands of downloads and received a lot of great feedback from the community. We did not rest... Your feedback and bug reports kept us busy improving, fixing and enhancing Qure Analyzer to keep its position as the best workload analysis tool available for SQL Server.

Now, we are happy to offer you early access to the Qure Analyzer V1.5 Beta which offers the following advantages (partial list):

  • Full SQL Server 2012 support. 
    • Allows analysis of SQL Server 2012 workloads.
    • Allows use of SQL Server 2012 databases as the workload analysis repository.
  • Improved performance of workload analysis phase.
  • Ability to handle very large workloads.
  • Significantly reduced memory consumption.
  • For SQL Sentry users, support for analyzing workloads from the SQL Sentry Performance Advisor repository.
  • Default trace template provided as part of the installation for all SQL Server versions.
  • New workload analysis management feature for database repositories provides the option to delete a workload analysis or add traces to an existing workload.

  • New "Custom Settings" feature allows you to save your current grouping and sorting for quick load later.

  • Resource filters now support fine grained value settings in addition to the graphical sliders.
  • Comparison filters allow "locking" of baseline and evaluated workloads for easy setting of multiple filters.

  • Opening of the same workload twice for filtered comparisons is now supported.
  • Many bug fixes, including: 
    • Free text batch template filter not filtering correctly.
    • Excessive memory usage may cause workload analysis cutoff.
    • Wrong naming of trace event classes.
    • Comparison of workloads opened using different aliases is not allowed.

Without your help and feedback, we couldn't make Qure Analyzer better.

I urge you to register and try out the new beta version by sending an Email to or use the signup form. We'll do our best to implement the top feedback suggestions before the GA release of this version, so that you can have an active role in the actual making of this free offering and contribute to the SQL Server community.

And... check out the new cool logo for Qure Analyzer: