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[OT] - What happened when I didn't have enough disk space to install SQL 2012...

Posted by Ami Levin on Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Today I want to share with you a true story that happened to me last week. Although a bit off-topic, you might find it 'amusing', useful and a real time saver in case you ever need to do the same thing.

When I bought my desktop PC last year, I purchased an SSD drive to be used as the system drive (C:\). At the time, the prices of SSD devices was pretty steep so although I had some doubts, I convinced myself that a 40GB drive should be more than enough to accommodate everything I need. Big mistake #1. As it turned out, only the I-tunes backups of my iPhone which (for some reason) can be placed only on C:\ took 16GB... Add to that my SQL Server installation, office and other essentials. Most of these applications, even when installed to a different drive, still place a lot of stuff on the system drive so soon I found myself struggling for space and using every trick in the book to free up as much space as possible on C:\ just to be able to work.

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